Scottish Learning Group

Scottish Learning Group is a group of learning enthusiasts from a bunch of different settings, from science, heritage, museums, nature, parenting, creative, health and wellbeing, career sectors and everything in between.

Members of this group come from a breadth of different learning environments but we have many common factors in what we do. Through learning, we strive to:

  • encourage participation, empower and inspire learners
  • build relationships and strengthen our communities while continuing to develop and contribute to the sectors we work in

We come together in informal settings in real life and through social media to support each other. We share ideas and knowledge while developing relationships and partnerships across the sectors of learning.  Find out more in About Us.

Come along to join in the chat and share your experiences! Join our email list* to keep up to date and get notes from our last meet up. Check out our Next Time page to see where we’re going to be.

*A ‘member’ is someone on our email list; membership and events are free to join. We will not pass your email onto third parties. Please let us know if you want your email to be visible to other members.

header image of compass: Heidi Sandstrom via unsplash

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