Wild Bees Action Kit

This week is Wild About Gardens Week!  Rebecca Boyde took a look at their Wild Bees Action Pack

The pack is a PDF. Each section is split into bee-utiful (sorry!) sections, e.g. ‘Bee Aware’ and ‘Flying Solo’. They’ve really got it right with the amount of colour, pictures and facts on each page, and the fact that each page also looks a little different to the next.They include family friendly graphics, a bee identification chart and which bees you’ll see in each season chart, like the kind you see on ‘British plants’ tea towels. They also have Fantastic Facts, something we all like to see (e.g. Archaeology Scotland’s kits)

In the mere act of putting together info for this post, I learned about how to look out for – and create – a bee friendly environment. See? I took these on my way to find a tree to sit by and film from – see different lengths of grass (my Action Pack said this is good for different species), and weeds left to flower = happy bees.

Bees are a bittersweet subject – mainly that we’re all so anxious (or we should be) that their numbers are declining. This pack does the best that learning can do – not telling us off for the plight of bees but instead focusing on what we can do. Both the Pack and the Wild About Gardens website feature ideas for how ‘you’ can help, make a difference, join in citizen-science, and link to more hands-on activities for being in the garden and encouraging a wild-creature-friendly ecosystem.

Wild About Gardens Week is a joint Royal Horticultural Society and the Wildlife Trusts initiative.

Bee Photo by Diana Măceşanu on Unsplash


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