Upskill your learning career!

With online courses on subjects dear to our work (e.g. education psychology) to getting more confident in something, there are loads of online courses available out there that are free in some way. Some are totally free, some are free with conditions attached, e.g. you can start but you may need to pay for a certificate at the end (although I’d still argue you can just go ahead and do it anyway and just not get the certificate).

Have a look at these links:

Modern States 

  • short courses are gateways (i.e. once you pass the short course) to free year of undergrad online at American unis
  • they have an intro to education psychology short course that looks great

Khan Academy

  • The Academy is well known for excellent tuition in maths and sciences – for all ages
  • also check out their history, art etc classes. Your avatar grows as your brain does!


  • online courses from American universities
  • and here is the free content

and finally, learn anything you want on YouTube (like Scotland’s stories on Dig It! TV channel) and TED talks (here are the ‘education’ ones)

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash


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